Guangzhou Key Laboratory for PV Materials

Guangzhou Key Laboratory of PV materials is based on Guangzhou Lushan new material Co., Ltd. Its research directs mainly to the field of new energy and new materials for the state's strategic emerging industries.
As the fast-developing of industry, the problem for energy exhausting and the deterioration of the environment is becoming more and more serious. It’s time for the governments to make effort for energy saving and emission reduction. As one kind of green non-pollution and inexhaustible energy, solar energy is becoming an important solution of the countries around the world. The establishment of the key laboratory is helpful to concentrate manpower and material resources to solve key problems of solar cells encapsultants and promote innovation and development of photovoltaic industry.
The laboratory has a vibrant, creative, middle-aged academic team, and the goal of the laboratory is to reach international standards and build a highest level technical research center and open-ended platform of key materials for solar cell encapsulation after years' operation.