Research Cooperation

Lushan makes great efforts to absorb the advanced theory and technology from university and institutes to develop forward-looking products and create a core technology and theory. The combination between technology and production practice leads to increase the level of theory and reduce the risk of enterprise research. Meanwhile, the rapid transformation from theory to application technology enables Lushan to climb to a higher technical platform, and to be more competitive in the global market. The main co-operation achievements are as follows:
1, "a new type of thermoplastic elastomer material's preparation, alloying and functional technology": collaborated with Sun Yat-sen University.
2, "Industrial technology of low-filled nanoparticle's modification and preparation into high melt strength polypropylene ": collaborated with Sun Yat-sen University.
3, "high durability materials for solar cell encapsulation ": collaborated with South China University of Technology and Guangzhou Energy Institute of Chinese Academy of Sciences.
4, "Technologies of solid phase graft and prepared adhesive polypropylene resin and compatibility ": collaborated with Oxford University and Wuhan University of engineering.
5, "Industrial research of halogen-free flame-retardant polyurethane materials for automotive interior decoration parts ": collaborated with China University of Science and Technology of China.

6, "Engineering plastics for automotive ": collaborated with KingFa Science and Technology and Sun Yat-sen University.