R&D Strength

The R & D center owns the mechanical properties laboratory, polymer processing and rheological Laboratory, chemical analysis laboratory, aging laboratory, thermal analysis laboratory and spectral analysis laboratory. It is equipped with advanced testing equipments both from domestic and abroad.
At the same time, there are experimental workshop and pilot plant, with experiment and test ability for simulating a variety of processing performance of plastic materials by experimental lines for co-extruding& blowing single-layer and five-layer's plastic film, injection molding machines, and the sheet extrusion machine, etc. The advanced and complete test equipments have supported the integration of the research among raw materials, formulas, manufacturing processes, products using processes and shelf life, so that Lushan can provide a whole system solution to customers.
The R & D center has a first-class talent team which is composed of experts of physical chemistry of polymers, polymer materials and polymer materials processing engineering and doctors and masters with rich experience and expertise. Led by the chairman of the board, the center has a high-quality and excellent team with a reasonable age structure and professional expertise. It has close interaction with excellent research organizations and experts all over the world.