R&D Direction

The 21st century is the century of composites. The key technology of composite materials is the adhesion theory and suitable adhesive . With environmental friendly characteristics and the cohesion force properties, hot-melt adhesive is considered as a key field for national high technology development. Relying on Guangdong with its petroleum and chemical industrial cluster advantages, Lushan focuses on the development of original core technology with independent intellectual property, strengthens the downstream chain of petrochemical industry, and promotes development and application of new composite materials matching with different materials properties, such as steel, wood, glass, fiber and cement, etc.


Besides, we will strive for a high competitive advantages on the field of solar cell encapsulating materials, composite and modified plastics compatibilizer, functional adhesives, inks and paint additives, etc., and service for various fields such as solar energy, natural oil& gas, automotive, building materials, packaging, toys, electronics and electrician, wire and cable, etc.


To have a high competitive leading edge of technology, the center focuses on the research of a variety of polyolefin grafting mechanism, dynamic vulcanization technology, reactive extrusion and solid phase grafting, cross-linking and degradation, hot-melt bonding theory, melt blending and melt-synthesis technology. Lushan is commit to developing a series of hot-melt adhesive for new composite products to replace the traditional processing technology and reach to a higher level of research with professionalization and specialization. We will take the advantage of our technology and flexible mechanism, engage in products and market differentiation and guide the development of the industry development trend. Lushan aims to open the markets of domestic and abroad and plays a major role in the construction of key projects all over the world.

Lushan adhesive resin for composite pipe, composite panel, compatibilizer and anti-corrosion steel pipe have been exported to more than 20 countries and regions. Our products have won an excellent international reputation and influences, and have attracted cooperation intention of many international competitors. To get more expansive research ideas, international-level achievements and intellectual properties, the company will maintain close attention to the latest technological trends and achievements, and strengthen technical exchanges with foreign counterparts experts. We will set up our own international famous brand of hot-melt adhesive and build up our industry popularity and international influence in the international market.