History of Products Innovation

Lushan commits to developing new products, new technologies and new processing skills since the date of establishment. We keep continuously increasing of R & D investment into researching and developing new products, updating laboratory equipments, industrializing new technologies and introducing talents.
In 2003,developed hot-melt adhesive for aluminium composite panel, pesticide bottle and adhesive sheet for aluminum honeycomb panel.
In 2004, developed adhesive resin for sausages casing film, and hot-melt adhesive for 3PP anti-corrosion oil and gas pipeline.
In 2005, developed thermoplastic powder and hot-melt adhesive of composite film.
In 2006, developed EVA adhesive film for laminated glass.
In 2007, developed 3LPE compounds and 3LPP Compounds as steel pipe top coats, open the era of integration solutions for anti-corrosion materials.
In 2011, developed the self-reparing, recyclable materials for solar cell encapsulation.
Lushan products include functional polyolefin adhesive resin, solar EVA  films,compatibilizers, etc. They are widely applied in area of energy, architecture, packaging, automotive, electronics and appliances, etc. Lushan is supplying hundreds of kinds of products and service to more than 20 countries globally.
In the following 10 years, on the basis of technology of high polymer materials, Lushan will continuously promote progress of society with innovation of technology and create high quality life with high-tech products.