Scientific Rerearch Achievements

Lushan always pay great attentions to technological innovation and product innovation since its foundation. It has put sufficient manpower, material and financial resources into scientific research and equipment updates. Therefore, Lushan has gained fruitful achievements of scientific research.

By now, the company has gained 11 national invention patent and one utility model patents. Meanwhile, 23 national invention patent applications have been accepted. For example, the patent of Nano hot-melt adhesive for aluminium composite pipes has been awarded by Guangdong Provincial Intellectual Property Bureau with"Guangdong Province Patent Award" in 2007 and also awarded by the State Intellectual Property Office with" Excellence Patent Award" in 2008. With assessment from the professional intellectual property evaluation company, the "Nano hot-melt adhesive for aluminium composite pipes" and "cross-linked polyethylene composite powder and its preparation method" and the other two patents are proved to be advanced technology and with significant economic value.
These four patents and their derivative products is acting as important roles in many famous projects such as West-east natural gas pipeline, China - Kazakhstan oil pipeline, west petroleum products project, China-Russia (Taine) oil pipeline, LNG project, new Baiyun Airport, the Shanghai Expo Pavillion, Harmony high-speed train and India East-West Gas natural Transmission project, etc., and made great contributions to the country's energy pipelines and infrastructure.
In 2008, we were awarded as " Guangzhou demonstration enterprise of intellectual property rights" by Intellectual Property Office in Guangzhou Meanwhile, our president, Dr. Stephen Wang was also hired as" the intellectual property expert consultant of Guangzhou ". In 2009, we became the first enterprise in Guangzhou who accessed to security for loans by National Intellectual Property financing..
In addition, our R & D scientists take active part in writing and publishing the dissertation and monographs. Up to the present day, we have published over 30 articles in professional magazines, newspapers and books both at domestic and abroad. Some of articles are even recorded by SCI.