Standardization Construction

We continuously improve the management standardization in last ten years' development. In 2002, Lushan set up the standardization system of quality management through the introduction of ISO9001 quality management system. In 2007, we introduced the ERP system and established the standard system in financial, inventory and order management.


As a leader of polymer hot-melt adhesive industry, we not only adopt the international advanced standards (such as: German standard DIN30678, International Standard ISO / DIS 21809-1, French standards NFA49-711, Canadian Standard CAN / CSA Z245.21, etc.) into our enterprise standards, but also formulate the enterprise standards to compensate for the subject field lacking of national and industrial standards at present. For instance, we formulate the enterprise standard for aluminum composite panel adhesive resin (standard: Q / LSXC 27-2010) in order to meet the demand of production arrangement. In this field, there are not any existing national and industrial standards until now.

Lushan has always attached importance to set up technique standards as its propitious to promote our scientific and technology achievements. We invest a lot every year in the field of new energy and new materials, and we actively transform our achievements into standards. Under active promoting and participating of Lushan, the Standardization Technical Committee for Guangdong Provincial solar photovoltaic energy systems has been set up in Zhuhai at August 27, 2011. As one of the three preparatory enterprises, Lushan has become the Vice Secretariat organization and we are now taking part in the formulation of national and industrial standards for solar cell encapsulation EVA film.
To supply the best quality and service to customers, we will keep on pushing the progress of standardization.