Research and Development

Lushan has great international influence in the theory and R&D of reactive extrusion, melt grafting, dynamic vulcanizing, nano-dispersion, hot-melt bonding theory, reactive synthesized technology, etc. Based on the innovative concept of “Customized technology”, Lushan has grown into one of the most innovative technological enterprises.

Research Cooperation

For research cooperation, Lushan makes great efforts to absorb the advanced theory and technology from university and institutes to develop forward-looking products and create a core technology and theory.

R&D Strength

The R & D center owns the mechanical properties laboratory, polymer processing and rheological Laboratory, chemical analysis laboratory, aging laboratory, thermal analysis laboratory and spectral analysis laboratory. It is equipped with advanced testing equipments both from domestic and abroad.

R&D Direction

The 21st century is the century of composites. The key technology of composite materials is the adhesion theory and suitable adhesive . With environmental friendly characteristics and the cohesion force properties, hot-melt adhesive is considered as a key field for national high technology development.

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