Technological Innovation

With the innovation concept of “Customized technology”, Lushan has strong ability and sense of innovation and development. To enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises, Lushan leads R & D staff to develop a number of products catering to market demand through creativity and advanced research.

History of Products Innovation

Lushan commits to developing new products, new technologies and new processing skills since the date of establishment. We keep continuously increasing of R & D investment into researching and developing new products, updating laboratory equipments, industrializing new technologies and introducing talents.

Scientific Rerearch Achievements

Lushan always pay great attentions to technological innovation and product innovation since its foundation. It has put sufficient manpower, material and financial resources into scientific research and equipment updates. Therefore, Lushan has gained fruitful achievements of scientific research.

Technological Awards

By independent innovation, many projects of Lushan have achieved the most advanced level in domestic, and accelerated obviously the progress of science and technology. These projects have made significant economic and social benefits and won great admiration and awards from governmental scientific and technology departments.

Standardization Construction

We continuously improve the management standardization in last ten years' development. In 2002, Lushan set up the standardization system of quality management through the introduction of ISO9001 quality management system.

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