Training and Development

We continuously supply opportunities for the long-term development of our employee and promote our team’s competitiveness. In Lushan, you will find great opportunities for growth through challenging and meaningful work and training.
1, Public class: building internal training information system to provide a convenient platform for employees’ course selection naturally and independently.
Lushan internal training information system links:
2, E-learning network learning: Lushan and Time Guanghua school of education development launched cooperatively Lushan e-learning online learning system
Lushan e-learning online learning system links:
3, Lushan expert: every year, we invite specialists in different areas from different industries to impart knowledge, share the experience.
4, Successor training plan: through the system training, job rotation, the tutor counseling plan, constructing management leader talents.
5, MTP development plan: MTP development plan is to help middle team cultivate ability for making strategic decision, finding market opportunity and grasping it, operating management and team management. The plan includes sending managers to MBA workshops, system training, role playing, etc.
6, EDP development plan: EDP development plan is an important part of the strategic plans. Through the systematic training developing top managers comprehensive leadership, its form includes top EMBA conference, and financial and investment seminars, etc.
7, Internal trainer team: the company has been formed covering enterprise culture, products knowledge, business etiquette, sales skill and office software application and a number of excellent courses and mature internal trainer team, to become the enterprise internal training and solid strength.