Polyethylene Copolymer Adhesive for Steel Pipe Coating

Copolymer adhesive Lushan L-5R series is maleic anhydride grafted polyethylene which could be in granule or powder form. It was developed by Lushan with independent patent technologies and proved with excellent performance in the widely applications of pipeline projects both in China and international market.

The purpose of the adhesive is to bond the epoxy layer to the top coat.Copolymer adhesive Lushan L-5R series is mainly used as adhesive layer in 3 layers polyethylene system(3LPE) for steel pipe against corrosion coating system in oil and gas pipeline and high pressure water pipeline. Copolymer adhesive Lushan L-5R series has good properties such as  high bonding strength,  long-term stability, wide compatibility, easy processing, etc.

Copolymer adhesive Lushan L-5R series is designed to meet with requirements of the following National and International standards, under the condition that appropriate industrial processing method are applied under a continuous quality control system and when used in combination with copolymer adhesive Lushan L-5R& polyethylene compound top coats EJ-1 and a compatible powder epoxy.
        NFA 49710
        DIN 30670S
        Draft ISO 21809-1