Polyethylene Compounds for Steel Pipe Top Coats

High density polyethylene compounds Lushan EJ-1 series for steel pipe top coats is used as anti-corrosion material for 2PE/3PE buried against-corrosion steel pipe coating system or coated steel plastic composite pipes in the application of oil &gas transportation pipeline and high pressure water pipeline systems. It can be in form of granule for melt extrusion and as powder for application of spray or other special processing method, and it can be made into black and other colors.

HDPE compounds Lushan EJ-1 series for steel pipe top coats has good properties such as widely processing range, high Compatibility with adhesive and excellent mechanical properties, etc.


HDPE compounds  Lushan EJ-1 series for steel pipe top coats is designed to meet with requirements of the following National and International standards, under the condition that appropriate industrial processing method are applied under a continuous quality control system and when used in combination with copolymer adhesive resin Lushan L-5R& polyethylene compound top coats EJ-1 and a compatible powder epoxy.

NFA 49710   CAN/CSA-Z245.21     DIN 30670S         Draft ISO 21809-1