Solar EVA Film Introduction

EVA film for encapsulating solar modules Lushan EV1050G1 is mainly used for PV module encapsulation. It's based on an ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA) copolymer and supplemented by special Chemical Accessories.


EVA film for encapsulating solar modules Lushan series could effectively protect to the PV cell, and has excellence performance of transmittance and aging-resistant. It provides structural support, electrical isolation, physical isolation/protection, and thermal conduction for solar circuits, as well as to maximize the service life of solar module.


Solar EVA Film Characteristic:

²  High volume resistivity and lasting adhesion strength holding capacity, and insure PV modules have long service life.

²  Low yellowness index change and low light transmittance attenuation, insure the high service efficiency of PV modules.

²  Excellent compatibility with fluxwelding ribbonlocation tapebacksheet and silica gel.

²   Solar EVA film quality stability ensured by the complete and scientific quality management system.


With Strong R&D ability, Lushan has developed series solar EVA film new technolgies based on the fast cure
solar EVA film Lushan EV1050G1, such as:
          solar EVA film with Anti-PID(PID free) technology 
          solar EVA film with high transmittance technology
          solar EVA film with reinforced friendly technolgy
          solar EVA film with low temperature fast cure technology
          solar EVA film with reflection-increasing(RI) Technology
For details of Lushan solar EVA film new technologies, please check: