Adhesive Resin for Sewerage and Drainage Pipe

  • Adhesive Resin for Steel Reinforced Spiral Corrugated Polyethylene Pipes (MRP Pipe)
  • Adhesive Resin for Steel Wire Reinforced Polyethylene Composite Pipes (STRP Pipe)


Adhesive resin Lushan EP252 is maleic grafted polyethylene. It’s mainly used for reinforced PE spiral corrugated steel pipes and steel wire with large caliber. Adhesive resin Lushan EP252 solves the adherence problems between plastics and plastics, plastics and metal, glass and other materials.
With super strong adhesion, wide application scope, excellent water and oxygen insulating properties, adhesive resin Lushan EP252 series provides a comprehensive solution for larger diameter steel pipe in drainage and sewerage pipe systems.