Wood Plastic Composites Compatibilizer

Compatibilizer/coupling agent Lushan series for wood plastic composites is a maleic anhydride grafted polyolefins, applied in PE, PVC, wood powder, and bamboo powder and wood fiber composite materials. The molecular chain of combaitibilizer contains a large number of carboxyl and anhydride-based, which can occur esterification with the hydroxyl in wood fiber, to reduce the polarity and absorbability of wood fibers. Compatibilizer/coupling agent Lushan series can make wood fibers and plastics have good compatibility, improve wood fiber’s dispersion in plastics and improve the mechanical properties of wood-plastic composite materials.
Compatibilizer for Wood Plastic Composites Usage
1. high maleic anhydride grafted polyethylene for compatibilizer between PE matrix resin and wood fiber.
2. suitable melt viscosity and excellent miscibility with wood fiber and other materials


Compatibilizer for Wood Plastic Composites Structure Features Examples:

IR spectrum contrast between compatibilizer Lushan WR-2 and PE.

Compatibilizer for Wood Plastic Composites Application Effectiveness:
Compared with no compatibilizers situation, the improvement of WPC mechanical properties when
compatibilizer  Lushan WR-2 are used in HDPE/wood powder (60%) composite material are as follows:
          Properties 2.0% WR-2 5.0% WR-2
          Tensile strength 0.68 1.2
          Bending strength 0.6 0.85
          Impact strength 0.2 0.35
          These are typical properties and not intended as specification.
          The particle size of wood powder is 40 mesh, and the MI of HDPE is 0.1 g / 10 min.