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Specialized for functional polymer Adhesive resin, solar EVA film, compatibilizer and other products, Guangzhou Lushan New Materials Co.,Ltd. has become a leading provider in China for chemical and innovative plastics solutions in research, manufacturing and marketing. Under a commission of creating sustainable solutions essential to a better, safer and healthier life for the world, Lushan has offered a wide range of innovative products and services for markets of gas& oil, solar energy, advanced packaging, electronics, appliances, communications, infrastructure, house and construction, automotive, etc.

3LPE/3LPP Steel Pipe Coating System

3LPE/3LPP coating system is a multi-layer coating ...

EVA Film for Encapsulating Solar module

EVA film for encapsulating solar module Lushan ser...

Adhesive Resin for Building and Construction

Adhesive resin Lushan series is widely used in bui...

Adhesive Resin for Multi-layer Packaging

Adhesive resin for packaging Lushan series is used...

Compatibilizer/ Coupling Agent

Compatibilizer/ Coupling agent Lushan series has p...

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Lushan has an excellent professional technical service team with good experience in technical development, production research, industrial design and new process R&D, etc.

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