EVA Film for Encapsulating Solar module

EVA film for encapsulating solar module Lushan series is a key encapsulant materials for the photovoltaic industry, including silicon module, thin film module and BIPV module. Lushan has spent a lot on the R&D of key encapsulant materials for solar cells and developped a series products including solar EVA film and polyolefin encapsulant film. Solar energy is a clean and inexhaustible renewable energy which will be widely used and act as a very important role in the future for human beings. Lushan keeps on continious efforts on the cost reduction and popularization for solar cells and commits to contribute for a low carbon economy world.
  • Solar EVA Film Lamination Overview

    EVA film for encapsulating solar module Lushan series has very good processing property that helps PV module manufacturers with the most effective production way and save their cost. Hereby, we mainly introduce the lamination processing method for Lushan series ultra fast cure solar EVA film.

  • Solar EVA Film Introduction

    EVA film for encapsulating solar module Lushan series as an EVA encapsulant materials is widely used in China and overseas photovotaic solar module industry. With characteristics of ultra fast cure, solar EVA film Lushan series shows big advantages of high volume resistivity, lasting adhesion strength, and long life performance for PV modules.

  • Solar EVA Film Technologies

    Based on solar EVA film new technologies and new products such as polyolefin encapsulant film, Lushan get fruitful achievements in the new field with strong R&D team of Lushan photovitaic department. Lushan commits to developing new products, new technologies and new processing skills since the date of establishment. We keep continuously increasing...

  • Solar EVA Film Certificates

    Solar EVA film Lushan series are qualified as requirement of TUV, UL and SGS, and Lushan quality control system is fully certified by ISO9001:2008. Lushan respects human rights and friendly environment, so Lushan strictly follow requirements of ISO 14001:2004; OHSAS 180001:2007. Lushan is committing to becoming a most reliable and responsible part...

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