For sustainable development, Lushan follows effectively to related environmental protection policies, and takes a number of specific measures in investment of environmental protection, technology development, construction of environmental protection facilities, reduction of energy consumption, pollutant emissions, waste recovery and utilization, etc.
1. Lushan focuses on effective construction and operation of investment of environmental protection, technology development and environmental protection facilities. For training of the ISO environmental management system, Lushan invites consultancy for the training courses including environmental system standards, key points to carry out various operating documents, operation system and internal auditors. With a multi-level, comprehensive training for emergency measures and hazard's control among each department, we have established a strong and professional team of internal auditors (held by managers of relevant department) to ensure effective operation of the system and improve the company awareness of health and safety for environment and occupation.

2. Through reducing the energy consumption and pollutant emissions, and proceed waste recovery and utilization, Lushan effectively controls the energy consumption by measuring the specific performance of environment system.