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Hot Melt Adhesive
Lushan® hot melt adhesive adopts advanced polymer physical blending technology and chemical graft modification technology to effectively integrate the characteristics of thermoplastic elastomers, tackifying resins, modifiers and other materials to achieve multiple product functions .
Products are widely used in the fields of labels, tapes, courier bags, waterproof membranes, sanitary products and upholstered furniture.

Labels application:

Commodity label, logistics label, courier bags label, Low temperature & Frozen Label, high transparency film label, removable label, RFID label, etc.

Tapes application:

Paper tape, foam tape, medical tape, cloth tape, fiberglass tape, etc.


High tack and peeling force, good oil seepage resistance, excellent compliance, excellent performance of high-speed die-cutting, good performance in high & low temperature.

Hot Melt Adhesive for Labels & Tapes

Lushan hot melt adhesive for the assembly and bonding of mattresses, sofas and other upholstered furniture, it is suitable for substrates such as sponges and non-woven fabrics.

Application type (example: mattress): Bed body assembly, bed surface assembly and independent spring sleeve assembly, etc.

Features: low odor, high peeling force, no frictional noise, it is the best choice for the mattress industry to create a formaldehyde-free, high-quality home environment.

Hot Melt Adhesive for Upholstered Furniture

Lushan hot melt adhesive for disposable sanitary products, such as diapers (pads), sanitary napkins, protective clothing, protective clothing waterproof strips, pet pads, wet tissue packaging covers, etc.

Application type (example: diapers): Construction glue, elastic-attachment glue, position glue, ear/velcro tape glue, wet strength glue, composite film glue, etc.

Features: Very low odor, high peel strength, excellent aging resistance, thermal stability and good processing and coating properties.

Hot Melt Adhesive for Sanitary Products

Lushan hot melt adhesive for the middle layer coating of HDPE high-density polyethylene sheet and isolation sand, so that the waterproof membrane has an excellent bonding effect.

Application: HDPE/TPO waterproofing membranes, etc.

Features: Good bonding effect with concrete and sheet, high peel force retention rate after water immersion treatment, heat treatment and UV treatment.

Hot Melt Adhesive for Waterproofing Membranes

Lushan hot melt adhesive for sound insulation cotton, roof, seat and other parts of automobile door panels.

Application: Various fabrics and plastic substrates, etc.

Features: Very low VOC, low odor, strong adhesion,good high and low temperature resistance, effectively realizing the lightweight, environmental protection and comfort of the car.

Hot Melt Adhesive for Automobile